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TTT#323 – Reclaiming the public in public education (part#2) w/ Gregory Hill, Erika Auger, Cristian Buendia, Beth Sanders, Jeff Lebow 11.14.12


Teachers Teaching Teachers #323
Reclaiming the public in public education (part#2)

November 14, 2012

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The Disruption Department:

Gregory's Cookie Cheat Tweeter:
“People need to have the power to solve their own problems” – Kosta Grammatis
Kosta Grammatis believes if you provide a person with a mobile device and access to the internet their learning space can be anywhere. Support a person’s curiosity to question, reason and create within whatever space they are in and their learning can become anything. Learners of the 21st century need these things: a space, a device, a connection, a facilitator, a motive. Yet over 5 billion people on this planet don't have internet access.
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