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Finding passion in and out of the classroom – TTT58 – 06.20.07

This year several elementary school teachers–mainly Writing Project teachers–from California, Colorado, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Oregon, and the Philippines sent each other podcasts and poetry and responses on a weblog, Youth Radio: Connecting Youth Voices to the World. These teachers have created a space where young writers and voices can connect with news stories about their communities, their schools and their interests!

That’s all fine, but on this webcast Paul Allison and Lee Baber talked to two of the teachers behind this project, Glen Bledsoe and Kevin Hodgson. We never got to the student work because we spent the entire time learning more about each of these teachers as musicians and creative people outside of the classroom.
It’s fascinating to hear the differences between the music that Lee and Glen share with us, and to imagine Kevin’s sax! Yet what we all share is a passion for living creative, passionate lives in and out of the classroom.

We had a great time together, and we invite you listen in.

Listed below is a list of links from Glen’s amazingly diverse creative mind.

Glen Bledsoe in school:

Writing and Math
Writing and History

Creative Writing


Stop Animation

3D Computer Animation

Digital Storytelling (Slideshow style)

Glen Bledsoe’s out of school life:

Nota Bene by Leonardo weekly comic strip:


Digital Storytelling teaching materials

Software designer