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TTT#367 Why Open Matters When We Share Curriculum – Connected Educator Month Series (2 of 5) 10.9.13

Download. On this episode of TTT, recorded on 10.9.13 as part of our series of Connected Educator Month shows, we explore why open matters when we share curriculum. We are joined by: Greg McVerry Christina Cantrill Johanna Paraiso Karen Fasimpaur Joann Boettcher Sheri Edwards Here’s a Digital Is resource on this topic, written […]

TTT#371 Social Media in Schools? Paige Woodard, Jo Paraiso and her students: Bassam Taleb, Katia Navidad, Jorge Espinoza 11.6.13

Download. On this episode of TTT we discuss social media in education with several high school students. We are joined by: Paige Woodard @paige_woodard Paige Woodard Johanna Paraiso and three of her students at Fremont High School in Oakland, California Johanna Paraiso bassam taleb Katia Navidad jorge espinoza Paige is on a mission, […]

TTT#365 Colorado Floods and Youth Voices w/ Griffina Blake, Haley Sladek, Joann Boettcher, Maria Lam, Kiran Chaudhuri – 09.25.13

Download. What an exciting group of teachers join us on this episode of TTT, recorded September 25, 2013. We talk about curriculum plans and using together to connect our students and their inquiries. Enjoy this live webcast, and plan to join us soon on a Wednesday at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific. Before all of that, […]

TTT#373 Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age – NWP Annual Meeting – Young Whan Choi, Jo Paraiso, Paul Oh – 11.21.13

Download. This is a special episode of TTT, edited from a recording of a session at the National Writing Project’s Annual Meeting in Boston on November 21, 2013. In addition to the presenters, listed below, we are joined by Johanna’s amazing students and the thoughtful participants in this session. Here’s how we described this session: […]

TTT#364 Youth Voices-Sheri Edwards, Jo Paraiso, Andrew Wyndham, Tricia Clarke, Marina Lombardo, Jake Jacobs, Valerie Burton 9.18

Download. On this episode of TTT, we invite you to meet other teachers who have been using Youth Voices this fall to connect their students. We shared our plans… dreams… ideas… worries…  as we moved into the fall semester. We hope you enjoy this informal “meet and greet” — out of which we hope many […]